Start-up consulting 


Your start-up has a lot of potentialstarted! You have a new business idea? Are you looking for a consultant who understands your problems and won’t bore you with technical jargon? Then GKRW digital is perfect for you! We will accompany you during the establishment of your start-up. Right from the start and step-by-step

We speak your language: Our young consultants are usually no older than you. The wealth of experience of our older colleagues is gradually passed on to us and will be used entirely to your advantage.

Our consultancy offers you efficient start-up structuring: Starting with the correct choice of legal form, to detailed fiscal and business issues in the compilation of statutes and articles of association, to questions regarding financing, licensing and other processes.

Especially as an entrepreneur, you should be able to read and understand a business evaluation (BWA) and use it as an instrument for the further development of your company. In this context, we see ourselves not only as a supplier of evaluations, but also as a close companion in the growth of your company. Thanks to our expertise in the digital implementation of business processes, we can position your start-up in a smart and efficient way from the very beginning.



Ihre Experten für Start-Up Beratung